Rainwater Undersink Water Filtration System

$345.00$474.00 Inc. GST

This is the Rainwater Undersink Water Filtration System specialised for rainwater contaminants (Lead, Bacteria and Parasites).

‣ LED Indicator Light – The faucet will light red when filters need changing.
‣ The 1st Stage Filter is a 100% Polypropylene Triple Gradient Sediment Filter for high contaminant holding capacity.
‣ 2nd Stage Filters are Laboratory Tested and Certified for Material Safety and for filtering Heavy Metals, Parasites and Bacteria.
‣ 5 YEAR WARRANTY For Parts & Labour*.
‣ All plumbing fittings for standard installation are included.
‣ This system can be oriented horizontally or vertically under the existing kitchen bench.
‣ This system is supplied with the tool/spanner to remove the housing for easy filter cartridge replacement.



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