IC8 Undersink Chiller – IC8 Remote Undersink Chiller

$695.00 Inc. GST

The IC8 Remote Undersink Chiller easily sits under your sink or anywhere area is at a premium. It has the capability of supplying 8L of fresh, cooled water per hour, completely appropriate for a house or little workplace applications.

  • 1.9 Litre Stainless Steel Chilling Tank
  • 6 Litres/Hour Cooling Capacity
  • Powder coated corrosion resistant cabinet
  • Cooling Speed: From 27°C to 10°C, 21.6 minutes
  • Cooling Capacity: 5.8 litres/hour/10°C ± 2°C
  • Draw Off Capacity: 8 cups below 10°C
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