Calcite pH Correction – WFL CF2 System

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    Calcite pH Correction – WFL CF2 System

    Experience the benefits of a calcite filter, a safe and food-grade mineral that effortlessly adjusts the pH of your water. As water flows through the filter, calcite effectively raises the pH from acidic levels to a neutral range, typically around pH 7.0 which is considered optimum. Low pH waters can be highly corrosive and fall outside the safe water guidelines. By utilizing a calcite filter, you can ensure your water meets the recommended pH levels, safeguarding your plumbing system and promoting water safety.

    Change of media as required.


    • Safe and food-grade mineral.
    • Acts as a neutralizer and helps balance the water’s pH.
    • Protects the plumbing system, extending its lifespan, and preventing costly repairs or replacements.
    • Neutralizes the acidic properties of the water, reducing the potential for corrosion to occur.
    • Reduces the acidity of the water, making it less corrosive and improving the overall water quality.
    • Helps restore the water’s natural taste and improves its overall aesthetics.
    • 12 Months Warranty.

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