In-Store Free Water Test

If you live in Perth Region, and want to enjoy the best tasting and purest water in every tap of your home, you may qualify for a Free Water Test. WA Water Filters is now offering a Water Quality Analysis in store for FREE to qualified home owners interested in purifying all the water coming into their homes.

To qualify for a Free Water Test, please submit the form below and one of our technicians will get in contact with you.


    Chlorine, Taste and OdoursHeavy MetalsHardnessViruses, Bacteria and ParasitesScale Build UpALL

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    YES, I want filtered water from every tapNO, I don't want filtered water from every tap

    YES, I have a water filterNO, I don't have a water filterI drink water from the fridge

    YES, I know how water filters workNO, I don't know how water filters work

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    Tap Water or Town WaterGround water, Bore water or Well waterRainwaterDam Water and River or Creek Water

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    TDS Meter Scam

    Not all your TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) is hardness. Don’t fall for this scam.

    A TDS meter or a Pink Chlorine test won’t tell you how much hardness you have in your water. Instead, our Spin Touch Machine can tell your exactly how much hardness is in your water. These are the results before and after our Automatic Water Softener Installation.

    Laboratory Results

    Water Testing Parameters

    • ALKALINITY – Measures the capacity of water to resist acidification.
    • pHIndicates the acidity or water alkalinity. Needed to know the efficiency of the water filter.
    • COPPERHas harmful effects on human health and shouldn’t be used in water treatment.
    • TOTAL IRONMay cause undesirable odour, taste and colour in the water. Very hard to remove.
    • TOTAL HARDNESS Indicates the amount of Calcium and Magnesium in the water. Cause scale build up.
    • FREE CHLORINEMain disinfectant used in water treatment. Eliminates bacteria and viruses.
    • TOTAL CHLORINE Sum of free chlorine and combined chlorine.
    • COMBINED CHLORINEThey are produced when there is an excess of organic contamination. They have harmful effects on human health.

    Best Whole House Water Filtration Solution

    A drinking water test will help you with making a decision when purchasing a whole house water filtration system. This is because each system targets different contaminants, therefore, this assessment will help you discover the concentration levels of these contaminants and in this way we can choose what the best water filtration solution is.

    Also, the size of the filter matters. Depending on the number of showers and toilets, we can calculate the amount of water you use. This way, we can set you up with 2 or 3 stages to filter high volumes of water without losing any pressure or performance. Also, we always assemble our whole house water filtration systems with a sediment filter in the first stage, specially in Perth to capture dirt and protect 2nd and 3rd filters from premature blockages.

    Drinking Water Test

    We also perform a water test if you are concerned about the performance of your water filtration system or your tap water quality, we offer a water assessment in our shop or in the comfort of your home.

    You can decide whether to bring the water sample to our shop (IN-STORE WATER TEST AUD $20), or our technician will come to your home and perform the water analysis (IN-HOME WATER TEST AUD $90).

    For both options a booking is required. Contact us at ☎ 08 6156 0220 to schedule the appointment.

    For Tap Water or Town Water

    The Drinking Water Test we offer is recommended to be performed for chlorinated town water only. Other water sources have other concentration of harmful contaminants that our machine cannot read.

    Bore Water Test

    For bore water, an specialised test is required. Our machine does not test nitrates and other pathogens commonly found in bore water that when found in high concentration levels can affect the performance of the filters. You can contact ARL – Analytical Reference Laboratory to get more information about the test and its price.

    Tap Water