Zero TDS Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System For Autoclave Sterilizers

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Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System For Autoclave Sterilizers

Autoclave Sterilizers and other Medical Steam Sterilizers require a permanent water supply to provide adequate steam during the sterilization process. As tap water or town water contain limescale, chemicals, and other contaminants, a Water Filtration System is required to meet the water quality standards required by manufacturers in instruction manuals.

  • For Dental Clinics and Hospitals looking for a Water Treatment Solution for Medical Steam Sterilizers.
  • Assembled in Australia by Industry Professionals using components Made in the USA, Taiwan and UK.
  • The most effective and advanced water filtration system to deliver the best quality steam for the sterilisation process.
  • Components are Laboratory Tested and Certified for material safety.
  • No Electricity Required*. This water filtration system is completely mechanical, works with water pressure (>35psi).

⚠️  This system is for use on cold water line only. Hot water may damage the system.

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