Care-Free Water Conditioners – Made in Australia – WaterMark Approved Product

$650.00 Inc. GST

Care-Free conditioners are Patented and proudly 100% Australian made and owned. As the product name says, Care-Free is “Care-Free”, no messy chemicals, cartridges or salt to worry about and you will be happy to know that it requires minimal maintenance.


  • Great Tasting Water
  • Water feels softer
  • Reduces white spots
  • Lowers spots on shower walls and bathtub
  • Improves lather and better cleaning action by soaps and detergents
  • Better cleaning results from Dishwasher and Washing machine
  • Avoids deposits and scaling inside pipes
  • Improves the life of water heaters, air conditioners (evaporative)
  • Installs inline after the water meter


  • CF20 ECO – Domestic Use
  • 20mm ECO Care-Free Water Conditioner
  • Flow rate: 50 lit/min
  • Thread: 3/4” male
  • Length: 192mm
  • Weight: 0.50 kg

Note: There is no laboratory test result that can prove the efficiency of this magnetic device. For complete reduction of calcium scale, please see our Water Softeners.