Suppliers Of Reliable Water Filters In Perth Western Australia (WA)


WA WATER FILTERS supplies and installs Water filters to ensure your home and business have filtered and purified water at the turn of a tap. WA Water Filters is well-known for retail and wholesale of the best water filtration systems for the state of Western Australia.


We are also well-known for selling certified and high-performance water purification products in Perth. We deliver solutions for custom water purification needs for domestic, commercial, and industrial applications.


Our systems are installed by experienced and certified plumbers. They will advise where the best location to install the system is.  Depending on the water filter you are purchasing, the system can be installed in the garage or on the side of the house, under your kitchen sink or in your shower. This ensures a cost efficient fast installation.


All WA Water Filters’ system components are WaterMark certified. This ensures “products are fit for purpose and appropriately authorised for use in plumbing and drainage installations”. Also, components are FDA compliant, this means that materials are safe for direct food contact and won’t leach any contaminants into the water.

Manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Certified. ISO 9001 is the ultimate benchmark for quality management, this means products meet expectations and quality standards.

The ISO 14001 refers to the fulfilment in environmental performance requirements such as, resource efficiency, waste reduction, costs easing, environmental impact measurement and competitive advantage in supply chain design, these among others.

Moreover, filters are certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF). NSF confirms the filters comply with their reduction claims and ensure safe healthy water.


There are no water filter manufacturers in Australia. As a result, we import components from manufacturers in UK, USA, Taiwan, Russia and Europe and then assemble some filtration systems in Perth and others in Sydney. This way, our filtration systems are made with the best components worldwide.


The Aragon Filter, found in Undersink, Countertop and Whole House Water Filtration Systems is accredited by:

Certified by Institut Pasteur de Lille (France)
Certified by S.M Kirov Military Medical Academy (Russia)
Certified by The Research Institute of Influenza (Russia)
Certified by V.G Khlopin Radium Institute (Russia)
Certified by The Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology (Russia)
Certifued by IFTS (France)
Certified by IAPMO (United States)
Certified by University of Ferrara (Italy)

This filter is quasi-softening, distinctive to help reducing up to 50% of the scale and hardness in the water in WA.


Because our our showroom, office and warehouse are located in Osborne Park and we install water filters across all Perth region and supply water filters Australia wide.


Our Fully Automatic Water Softener captures scale and hardness (Calcium & Magnesium). The pre-filtration system which is assembled with the water softener removes chlorine and other chemicals to protect and extend the life span of the existing resin within the water softener.

The treated water is soft and non-scaling / staining. Water Softeners prevent hard water scale, staining on Bathroom (white spots), staining on kitchen fixtures as well as dishes, and protects the dishwasher, washing machine, kitchen equipment, coffee machines and water heaters.

The water softener has a cylinder that holds 27 litres of high grade softening resin. This amount of resin can treat 17,000 litres of water at 100 mg/l hardness, once this capacity is reached, the computer will regenerate the resin (a brine solution will wash down the resin). At 200 mg/l hardness, the resin will regenerate every 8,500 litres. Each regeneration requires 4.5 Kg of salt, meaning that you need to top up with “water softener salt” the side compartment in the water softener from now and then.

Smaller resin cylinders within other water softeners require more frequent regenerations and higher maintenance costs.

Please be aware that other systems sometimes claim “softened water” with just one filter that holds 2 litres of resin. These type of filters do not last.

First, they do not have an operating system; second, they do not wash down or regenerate the resin; and third, 2 litres of resin would need regeneration every 700 litres. Keep in mind that one person uses around 170 litres of water a day for laundry, showering, washing and other activities.

So, only imagine, if 27 litres of resin need an operating system and a regeneration every 8,500 litres in Perth, then, ¿how often you would have to replace those 2 litres of resin?. You would have to change those 2 litres of resin every week.

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Matthew Renkert

Matthew Renkert

May 13, 2022 via Google

I got a whole house water filtration system installed and very happy with it so far. The filter products they use are better and cheaper than other quotes we got and there was no dodgy sales techniques that we got from other suppliers. The guys that installed it were in and out in 15 minutes! Highly recommended.

Caroline Clements

January 15, 2020 via Google

Fantastic service. Water tastes amazing. Professional installation.

Steve Weekes

January 15, 2020 via Google

Excellent customer service and explanation of how each system works for us to make a choice of which one would suit our needs. Installed promptly after we ordered, in and running that day. Couldn't be happier. Highly recommend them.

Cathrine Gajewski

February 15, 2020 via Google

After being loyal to another filter company for 20 years I decided to seek out a new company. I didnt realise how bad the service was from the previous company until I switched to WA water Filters. I visited their shop around midday and by 4pm Warren had visited my home and I was set to go with a new system. They use high quality parts, unlike the previous company I used. Well priced and no fuss personalised service. I would highly recommend as I am someone who has been using RO water for over 20 years. Thank you!

Leeanne Clark

April 15, 2020 via Google

WA Water Filters were recommended by a friend who was pleased with their service. So the day I moved I called them and was so pleased that they were able to install the water filter that day because the technician was working on the northern suburbs! They were efficient, reasonably priced with good informative technician and no mess! Really pleased with WA Water Filters and have no hesitation in recommending them.

David Ernst

August 15, 2020 via Google

Just got awesome customer service from Jag. So I had a leaking pipe from an old water filtration system. Everyone else I spoke too wanted to charge me a fortune for a new hose. Went to this place and Jag sorted me out in two minutes for a quarter of the price everyone else was trying to charge. I felt like I was served with honesty and integrity.

Anthony Mok

August 15, 2019 via Google

Great service, easy going. Installed my water filter as agreed and flexible with arrangements. JAG was very knowledgeable and recommended the best system to suit.


The Success Story Of WA Water Filters, In Facts & Numbers.

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WA Water Filters is a member of the Home Improvements Association and each year you can find us at the Perth Home Show, Royal Perth Show, Caravan Show, Wagin Woolorama & Others.