Choosing the perfect water filter is a bit like picking the right tire for your car. Just as road type, sizes, and specifications are crucial for a smooth ride, we’re here to guide you in finding the perfect filter to ensure clean, safe water for your unique needs! Click here and let us help you choose the right water filters for you!

Whole House Water Filters


Transform your entire home’s water quality with our Whole House Water Filters.

Whole House Water Softener with Filtration System


Soak in the silky feeling and purity of our Automatic Water Softeners.

Reverse Osmosis Systems


Enjoy the highest level of purity in drinking water with our Reverse Osmosis Systems.

Twin Undersink Water Filters


Improve your taste, odour and colour and overall water quality with our Classic Twin Undersink Water Filters.

Dedicated Drinking Water Filter Taps


Stylish dedicated taps for drinking water only.

3 Way Mixers


Hot, Cold and Filtered Water. All in one kitchen mixer.

Help Me Choose!

    Home OwnerRentingBoatCaravan

    Chlorine, Taste & OdourHeavy MetalsFluorideHardnessViruses & BacteriaParasites & CystsAll

    Tap/Town WaterBore WaterRain/Tank WaterDams/Lakes/Rivers

    YesNoNot Sure

    Complete home water filterUndersink/Benchtop FiltrationReverse OsmosisFish TankDeionised(DI) WaterAutoclave WaterGarden WaterShower Water FilterBasic Drinking Water SystemNot Sure

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    Whole House Water Filters