AquaCo Whole House Water Filter: Does it lower my pressure?

Does it lower my pressure?

Whole House Water Filters work wonders by purifying all the water entering your home, ensuring delicious, clean drinking water flows seamlessly throughout your entire household. However, a common concern among customers revolves around the potential impact on their water pressure.

The pressure gauges at the top of the AquaCo Whole House Water Filter are used to monitor the incoming and outgoing water pressure. As you can see in the pictures, 99% of our installations do not experience a drop in pressure. The pressure going IN is the same as the pressure going OUT. However, if you water pressure is already low, you might experience a 5% drop in your water pressure.

Keep in mind the technology behind the filters inside the AquaCo Whole House Water Filter is genuinely unique. The size of these filters, coupled with advanced filtration media, is purpose-built to manage substantial water volumes for all your household demands. This harmonious combination ensures that you won’t experience any pressure drop. These filters are highly effective at eliminating contaminants without a hint of impact on your water pressure or flow rate.

In contrast, many other filters available in the market, when tasked with removing a significant load of contaminants, tend to compromise flow rate. This, in turn, impacts the water supply available for your household requirements.

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